Cranfield Motion Cueing Technology

Cranfield Simulation is the only provider of simulators capable of providing the sensation of sustained motion. Cranfield’s unique experience and technology provides high fidelity motion cues with low latency and with no maximum duration.

With four modules of motion technology, our highly accurate and almost instantaneous systems provide an incredibly realistic driving sensation.

Suspension Platform

In each corner of the platform a linear actuator is fitted to simulate a typical suspension arrangement of a spring and shock absorber.

Working independently or simultaneously the actuators translate the surface of the track from each wheel, fed from the simulation software to the simulator in a fast and precise manner.

The actuators can pitch the simulator forwards and backwards to simulate acceleration and braking as well as from side to side body roll. With acceleration of up to 1G and nearly 200kg max weight per actuator the system can provide a highly accurate representation of the road surface.

Pro System

The Proportional Rapid Onset (PRO) System allows the seat itself to move independently of the other simulator modules. Situated on an X, Y, Z table, the seat movements can accurately replicate very minor and fast movements that cannot be produced by the main suspension platforms. 

For example, in the vertical plane the driver eye height can be moved downwards in the cockpit upon braking which is typically what happens in a real life scenario, partically in faster formula vehicles where the body is compressed. It can also be used to replicate very quick accelerations whether laterally or longitudinally.


In a real car, accelerations are transmitted to the driver through the seat. As the largest surface area that the body is in contact with, reproducing the same sensations in the simulator is highly important in training and implementing correct car control. Within the lining of the seat and belts we fit our unique pneumatic pressure modules to provide sustained g-cueing. Multiple airbags expand and contract to provide localised and sustained pressure, simulating the g-forces felt when cornering, braking and accelerating.

The technology has been derived from our wealth of experience within the aerospace industry and is unique to Cranfield.

This system can be retrofitted into many types of seat, therefore existing simulators can also receive the benefits of Cranfield technology. The low mass of the pneumatic system also means that it can be added to existing weight sensitive motion platforms such as 6-Dof systems without degradation in performance.

Yaw Platform

The yaw platform is situated at the base of the simulator and is used to simulate lateral movements of the rear end of the vehicle. This is necessary to feel the limits of traction of the rear tyres, which cannot be achieved by solely depending on the visual system. It is only with a good yaw motion system that a driver can consistently drive right at the edge of the tyre grip limits.

Transitioning from one corner to the next is also felt through this module particularly, for example, driving through high speed chicanes.