Claytex supports design of the future of electric racing

Oxford Brookes University (OBU), in partnership with one of the world’s largest racing car manufacturers, Dallara Automobili, is developing a mid-range electric racecar that features the latest technology, yet is fundamentally simple and provides an exciting racing experience for both drivers and spectators. Claytex’s close relationship with Dallara helps strengthen the collaboration and partnership.


The four-year Formula Club-E development project is now mid-way through completion. More than 100 postgraduate MSc students will have collectively contributed over 60,000 hours to this project by the end of the fourth year. In order to ensure reliability and range of the vehicle, OBU students have spent the last two years undertaking detailed simulations of the vehicle.

The Formula Club-E team is using a full-vehicle model in Dymola, allowing them to simulate the complete vehicle and gain a better understanding of individual system behaviour. The simulation and selection of the correct powertrain is one of the most important models of the vehicle, as it will affect battery selection and overall weight and performance. These models are being run and tested in the impressive Driver-in-Loop simulator at Dallara.

Dallara_Driving Simulator_2

Vehicle models developed with help from Claytex are run in Dallara’s Driving Simulator

Claytex has been involved since the beginning of the project, supporting OBU with regular visits providing lectures, first-class support and overall expertise in electric powertrain modelling.

Claytex presenting at OxfordBrookes_2

Alessandro Picarelli  from Claytex lecturing students at OBU on electric powertrain simulations in Dymola

Get Involved

Oxford Brookes is always looking for more partners to be involved with the Formula Club-E project. If you’d like to be a part of the future of electric racing, or if you would like to learn more about the project, please contact with the subject “Dallara”.


Ben Naemura – MSc Motorsport Engineering student, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mathematical Sciences, Oxford Brookes University

Andrew Bradley – Senior Lecturer in Automotive & Motorsport Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mathematical Sciences, Oxford Brookes University


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