BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup

Lap after lap through the “Green Hell”.

For the BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup races, BMW Motorsport has joined forces with the platform rFactor2. The new entry-level model in the BMW M customer racing range is used. The BMW M2 CS Racing made its virtual and real-life public debut at BMW SIM Live 2019 on 5th December 2019.

All ten races of the 2020 season take place at the Nürburgring. However, they are each on a different track version or in variable weather conditions. This makes the BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup the perfect stage for the three members of the BMW Junior team – Dan Harper, Max Hesse and Neil Verhagen. Where possible, they will compete in all the races on their simulators.


Focus on the Nürburgring on rFactor2

The racing simulation rFactor2, like iRacing, runs on Windows PCs and is primarily characterised by its sophisticated car and tyre physics. rFactor2 realistically simulates the wear of rubber on the tyres, the physically correct degradation and the tyre temperatures. Combined with the toughest track in the world, the Nürburgring – with its different versions and the Nordschleife that stretches over more than 20 kilometres – participants in the BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup face a real challenge in each of the ten races.

The race winners each receive a cash prize of €1,000 – and also secure a starting spot at BMW SIM Live in Munich. For second and third place, €500 and €250 are awarded respectively. The winner of the BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup final will also have the opportunity to take to the track in the real BMW M2 CS Racing.

01 Nürburgring (GER)
GP track, sprint, sunny, 25 minutes
19th February 2020

02 Nürburgring (GER)
Nordschleife, sunny, 45 minutes
11th March 2020

03 Nürburgring (GER)
Nordschleife, rain, 45 minutes
25th March 2020

04 Nürburgring (GER)
24h-track, sunny, 45 minutes
8th April 2020

05 Nürburgring (GER)
24h-track, variable conditions, 60 minutes
17th June 2020

06 Nürburgring (GER)
combined track, night, dry, 45 minutes
1st July 2020

07 Nürburgring (GER)
GP track, sprint, rain, 25 minutes
22nd July 2020

08 Nürburgring (GER)
Nordschleife, sunny, 60 minutes
19th August 2020

09 Nürburgring (GER)
24h-track, rain, 45 minutes
16th September 2020

10 Nürburgring (GER)
24h-track, night, variable conditions, 45 minutes
14th October 2020